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Where it all Started!  Where a new Clemson Legend is Being Born!

Right  across the street from  Bowman Field and Historic RIggs Field
you will find the Original Palmettos Smokehouse and Oyster Bar.

PSHOB Clemson resides in one of the oldest buildings in Downtown
Clemson dating way back before the automobile. 

It has a full service Bar, a cozy dining room, and sports a great
Raw Oyster bar where fresh oyster s from the Gulf, Atlantic, and
North Atlantic are shucked right in from of you.

It is open 7 days a week at 11:30 and even opens for 10:30
N'Awlins style Big Easy Brunch, a Monday - Friday
Happy Hour from 5-7pm and Low Country Boil dumped right
on the table on Tuesday and Friday Nights after 5:00.